Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogs I meant to post (DELINQUENT)

** Disclaimer ** I am unable to blog at work, which seriously messes with my ability to demonstrate my writing prowess, or lack thereof. ;)

So, here are some posts, in no particular order, that have been delayed in posting.

Called Out

So I have been told that I am delinquent. Not A delinquent, but
delinquent. I should be posting more. "And you KNOW this MAN!!!"
I do realize I have been quite the slacker in regards to
communication. I apologize. In an effort to make up to you, especially
KK, I offer you this fantastic blog posting. 

New job:
I am happily employed again! I have not been able to completely escape
the evil clutches of the mortgage industry, but I have decided to take
another path in that realm. I turned down two closing jobs (paying
pretty decent and one working with a woman I just ADORE) to try my
hand at learning processing for a pretty big producer. I think being
on this side of the fence could be an eye opener for me. Plus, I will
just learn more…and its always good to broaden your horizons. I am
essentially starting over in the food chain, but I am hoping it will
pay off sooner than later.  Pay kinda sucks, but it is a paycheck
and the building has a kickass gym that I have access to. I also have
a gorgeous view of the Dallas skyline from my 8th floor perch in
Plano. The people are cool and I have a lot of room in my cube.
So…its all good.

Pros – Got to hang out with my favorite people! I love being able to
spend time in the out of doors with my girls (and associated token
men). We did, however, miss those who could not attend…but there is
always next year! We had some enthusiastic newbies too, who seemed to
be hooked. I didn't finish this year, as my knees were killing me…but
it got me inspired for the year and I am hoping that will translate
into my getting ready for Palo Duro 50k come October. WOOT!
Cons – Its like they want the 25k'rs to stop attending. Crappy
tshirts, no lunch, no food at the first two aid stations. Sheesh!

I will post on our trip to St John when we return.

HUGS, kisses and all that jazz…

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