Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the ever present

Fear of the unknown becomes an impediment. Many people, upon facing a challenge, are unwilling to risk the possibility of failure in order to protect the subscribed traditional notion of what is safe or accepted.

While I can be saddled with the same humbling reality that I possess fear of some unknowns (saving that for discussions over drinks instead of permanent digital logs on the inter-webs), I am confident in my abilities and in WHO I am to know that unknowns are part of the journey. They create challenges, but most times...opportunities. Opportunities are often overlooked. These gems are not always recognized when they are exposed. Instead, they are often seen as another mundane detail in a world of mundane details. If I could use a giant highlighter, I would. I would take my ginormous Sharpie Accent and smear the flourescent ink all over the things that sadly are hidden from the naked (or unwilling to challenge convention) eye. Perhaps, I am simply not using the right resources to highlight what treasures lie undiscovered. Begs yet another questions, doesn't it? As in any situation, you cannot lay all weight of blame for a situation on one party. BUT I can do more on my part to make the important things fall in the spotlight.

Where is a life highlighter store? I need one of the really really big orange ones - with the ergonomic grip.

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