Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday 05-05-08

It is a Monday :) Very difficult to get up this morning. By random act of chance, I was able to get my paws on some much sought after and highly prized Game Six Playoff tickets for the Stars Vs Sharks last night. After some schedule juggling (I had a prior engagement) and some massive pleading to KK (LOVE YOU!!!) luck made its way into my little hands in the form of the two golden tickets. Ok, they weren't golden...but they ended up being worth their weight in gold. (ok, which really isn't much, cause they are made of paper...but go with me on this).

Anyhooooooo...Darin-should-have-been-asleep-because-he-did-a-48-hour-adventure-race-the-same-weekened-Brown met Mike and I at the Victory Park railway station with tickets for us. I wanted to hug him, but he looked EXTREMELY tired...after getting the full run down on his adventure race and why he looked so worn out, we made our way into the arena. (btw, much props to hard core fan Darin - I don't know if I would have the energy to make it...much LESS sit through the entire game plus OTs)Blinky star necklaces are accepted at the entrance and we make our way to our seats (on the way I got cash for Darin for the tix, Mike got some really tasty nuts - HEY! mind out of the gutter! Toasted almonds with cinnamon and sugar!! yum! and we head up to the nosebleeds. Ah. Section 303. Feels like home sorta. The arena is packed...air is electrified. The rally towels are gently laid on each seat and it makes me giggle. I momentarily ponder what I did with all my rally towels from 98-2000...then look over at Mike and he is drinking a beer and eating sugared almonds and I grin. Sometimes he just makes me get all swoon-ey. (Is that a word?) For random shit too...but that is beside the point. HOCKEY - stay on task. I quickly forget the rally towels of the past and grab a hold of the one in my seat. There is something about this night...I don't know, but something is gonna happen.

I am not gonna do a recap of the game, mostly I will just mention the things that you would appreciate as friends of moi and think are either funny or just mental.
* I will ALWAYS bring a radio to listen to Ralph and Razor to the game. I used to laugh at Darin and Jason for having these, but my cause for this is two-fold:
1.) I want to hear what is happening without waiting for the ref to call it over the speakers. I want to hear Razor's witty (and sometimes outlandish) comments - HOW did I miss that "Turkolicious" save? lol
2.) having headphones on will drown out the sound of and hopefully alleviate the irritation induced by other fans neighboring us. There was a pack of mindless SMU fucktards one row down and a few seats over that I really wanted to rip to pieces with my somewhat too long for me fingernails. Mike gave a slightly frightened and concerned smile when I joked about ripping the guys throat out with my bare hands...but I got over it.
* I don't need to drink 2 beers a period to have a good time. Shock! Gasp! The horror! Becky didn't have even ONE beer at the game last night. I just didn't want to drink Miller Lite. (again..shock...gasp...horror) I had a Sierra Nevada Summerfest before leaving the casa and that calmed my need for an adult beverage.
* 6.5 periods of hockey back to back = alot of hockey. I am SO tired. When a game goes that long, you gotta wonder how the players keep going...but I gotta wonder who was hurting more. Me? Or the guys getting IV's and energy gels??? LOL

Anyways...Mike and I had a great time. We napped on the train on the way home and after taking Chupa outside for a quick pee, we crashed out in our bed and woke up about 20 minutes late. Sigh. I love playoff hockey.

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