Monday, March 10, 2008

"biblical duty to stop global warming"

I often make my views about the SBC pretty clear. As a standard, I think most of the doctrine is entrenched in a sense of denial of reality. As with any organized religion, I think there are many good things about it...but they so often get lost in the negativity and shell-like culture that their members surround themselves with. I am not blogging about those things today, though. I am actually surprised and refreshed to see that they are doing something I can agree with. (even though I honestly think it took them far too long...but that is another blog entry!)

Full story:

Here is what I think is great about it...
It falls into step with the belief that God's followers should be good stewards of what He has provided. While I have always thought that Baptists (and most denominations of the Christian faith, actually) have adapted this to their own convenience, I am glad to see a shift from this standard. I have always thought that if you believe God created the earth and everthing in it, then you should treat it with due respect. Much is made of the whole "my body is a temple" frame of thought, but what about where you live? I find it amusing that the body of the church can get up in arms over someone having a drink on occasion, but if that same person abuses the resources of our earth and leaves an irreparable mark on the face of our planet...isn't that just as bad? They say all sins weigh the same, right? So, if Moses didn't have that on his etched stone, it doesn't count. Bah. I call major BS. I think that this manner of belief is along the lines of "well, that won't affect me, I will be dead by the time the ice caps melt." Keep in mind, I don't know for sure what all the causes and fixes are for global warming...but I do know that there are oil choked oceans and entire species of animals being wiped out by our carelessness. I highly doubt God would approve of that, especially when he made Noah build an ark big enough for two of EACH animal way back when.

Sorry, got off topic for a bit. Here I am supposed to be praising them for making a good decision!

The power of the SBC is undeniable. They are able to mobilize registered voters and have significant impacts on elections. They are able to shape and mold the minds of youth and support the careers of many adults. They use this means of culture shaping big ways and in small ways - and not always to my liking. However, this is a step that brightens my outlook on any otherwise jaded and somewhat angry view of the SBC. It's just one step...but at least it is one in the right direction.

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