Friday, February 29, 2008

sometimes the "end" button on my phone works...

But mostly, it just does nothing but mock me.

It is my own fault. I was trying to be smart and keep a beer bottle in my purse so I wouldn't have to carry it or let it get warm. Ok..let me 'splain. I was at the Mardi Gras street party in Dallas. The beer lines were LONG. It was warm outside. You buy two beers at you only have to get in line every so often. Anyways...I still had one beer in my purse when we mosey'd over to the parade route. Realizing this, and having an empty cup in my hand...I poured half the beer into my cup and re-capped the beer bottle and put it back in my purse. No need to attract attention from the Dallas PD. Well, apparently that screw top didn't close as tightly as I would have hoped. My purse was not soaked, but definately wet.

My phone worked...but it was to be forever changed by that event. Intermittently, the "end" button will work in its original fashion. Most times, it doesn't work at all. This is tiresome at best. When I call my voicemail, I actually have to unhook the battery and rehook it and let my phone reboot.



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