Friday, February 22, 2008

cheap wine....

Last night I had a great time eating, drinking and laughing with two of my favorite people. We had this spectacular spread of appetizers (I am soooo not logging my food consumption in CalorieKing). We had two really yummy cheeses (12 month old Comte and some amazingly creamy Grueyere), a spicy pickled garden medley (olives, peppers, onions, etc), more olives (looked like some sundried tomato stuffed, blue cheese stuffed, and kalamata), apple slices, and these KICKASS vegetarian rolls that Lauren made (sliced and roasted zuchini with hummus, then rolled and feta cheese on top). was soooooooo good. By the time dinner was ready, I am pretty sure we had finished off 1.5 bottles of wine. :) For dinner, Lauren fixed us a salad (can't tell you all the ingredients, but it was fantastic!!!) and tilapia with spinach, capers, and lemon. WOW. That girl can cook!! We had some delicious wine (red and white): ShooFly Chardonnay, Wishing Tree Chardonnay, a Torres red, "Bitch" red, and I think we started another one...but i can't remember what it was (last think). :) We also dotted our experience with a little unfiltered sake. I can't remember laughing so hard in a long long time. We caught up on how our jobs were, what we want to do over the summer, who we miss, and allowed ourselves to be really silly. It felt good.

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