Wednesday, January 2, 2008

when nothing is ever good enough...

Sometimes I find myself asking...
"Why would anyone subject themselves to a consistent beating in their employment when no matter what they do, nothing is ever good enough?"

Many people find that their jobs include a constant flow of unreasonable requests, far too few praises, and an ample share of what I like to call "impossible to make happy"s.

Am I being too sensitive when I feel that the job I do happens to fall into one of those categories? This question begins to gnaw at one's confidence and self-worth. You start to ask questions llike "why can't I get all of it done?", "could I do it better?", "can someone else actually get all this done?"

For me, I know it boils down to a variety of factors. I hate to use a very crude term, but shit does, in fact, roll down hill. In the mortgage business, it rolls very quickly and very seldom smells well when it hits the closer's desk. Trying to meet the needs/wants/demands of many different parties can be, at times, trying (in the nicest way to say it). Something I do strive to do is to make sure that all concerned parties are served in the most effective and professional manner possible. Sometimes, all needs cannot be met. This is a reality and how you handle this reality speaks volumes.

I think, the best way for me to view any "impossible" situation is to look at the possibilities and, as diplomatically as can be done, explain what can/can't be completed and why. Then, execute the tasks that can be completed.

I don't have a Super Closer cape...but if I did, I fear there are days I would try and hang myself with it. Today, I think I would just use it to mop up the blood (figuratively speaking of course) and move on to the next battle.

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