Monday, December 10, 2007

thoughts on the day

- Rob Zombie kicks ass. Major major ass. Always puts on a good show, always makes my ear drums hurt and chest cavity feel like its going to explode from the loudness and insanity of it all. I love it. I love it. I love it. (and had really weird dreams last night because of the show)

- its friggin cold in here Mr Bigglesworth!!! WTF? I hate the cold. I want it to be sunny and 72 again. :)

- dinner tonight, I am thinking about pan seared top sirloin with sauteed onions and mushrooms; some kind of veggie; crusty bread with butter and maybe some kind of dessert - with a tasty red wine. yep. sounds good to me.

- Wish CJ and Mark would get up here already :)

- booked our family vacation thingie today. should be fun. weekend away...log crazy family...good times.

- I am never any good at Secret Santa things. I really ought to just put gift cards in the bags...ha!

- UB40 ha!

- I am tired from the weekend. I wanna go to sleep. Radiskull tired. "Ok, we'll be back to kick it later"

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