Friday, October 5, 2007

whooooo do you love?

"me or the thought of or the thought of me?" - John Mayer

Today has been an interesting day. Aside from the absolute chilliness of my office (which now contains a nice view out a window at a tree and the Jefferson Bank building), I really like the new digs. Although the folks in my old office were very nice and I miss them, the employees over here are super nice too. The drive is SOOOO much easier and requires much less gas and time. RELIEF, I tell you!! My fingers and my nose are cold. I had to borrow Rosie's sweater jacket to keep me from completely freezing to my chair. I even made a cup of coffee and drank the WHOLE thing in an attempt to keep my core temperature up. Of course, it was 1/8 sugar, 1/8 cream and the rest coffee...but it works. :)

This weekend is shaping up to be another winner. Tonight, Mike and I will ring in the new hockey season at the Dallas Stars' home opener against the Boston Bruins. I am SO excited! Even though there are better seats to be had, I am also very jazzed that we got Darin's tickets...I love those seats. Know the people, love the people, love the sight lines. Goodness abounds. Tomorrow morning, we are going to go ride at Boulder Park again. I realllllllly like this trail. It is alot of fun for me and I feel pretty confident riding out there. I might try a couple of the red sections...we'll see. tee hee Saturday night - Blue Man Group at the AAC. This should be alot of fun. Mike has never seen them - this will be my fourth time. YAY! What an incredible show. I can't wait. Sunday - not sure what we are gonna do on Sunday, but if things work out, I really want to go to Spin Class.

Thing that bums me out: The Marine Mud Run was rescheduled and the location moved.
:( The weekend they chose just happens to coincide with the Rockledge Rumble and the Bacchus Babes will be hosting the Twin Coves Aid I am out on the Mud Run. Our theme this year is gonna be great. I love the Rumble :)

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