Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the ONE day I don't have my camera handy...

we went to lunch.

I ordered a coke because I was low on energy.
Halfway through the drink, lo and behold...a cricket lies in my ice cubes. BLEHCK. Becky's meal gets comped, but I barely was able to eat any of it.

Everyone else seemed oogied out, but not too horribly...until..JoEllen finds a mass of black stuff in her baked potato. Being the eager and curious girl that I am...I poke around and find a colony of worms in her 'tater. EWWWW.

Whole table is comped, we don't eat much and leave with unhappy bellies. We get some comp certs...but I doubt any of us will be going back to Cheddar's anytime soon.

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