Friday, July 6, 2007

keep it comin' love...

Yesterday was a great day. Aside from being pretty bored at work (training kills me), I had some really good moments. The World Market is having a clearance sale on sarongs (BONUS) so I bought three. :) I also got a snazzy orange beaded necklace, found my Jim Jim wine and bought some pesto paste in a tube to do some cooking experiments with. ** NOTE TO SELF ** The World Market is a dangerous place for Becky to go alone.

I then proceeded to go to Central Market (I got a whole Market theme going on here folks!), picked out some pasta salad for our cookout at work and the fixins to make panini's. I was shopping online yesterday (another dangerous thing for me to do!) and saw the coolest kitchen gadget ever. Luckily, I found out Mike owns one. This knowledge prevented me from purchasing one - which is good - cause I really just wanted to play around with it. :) Anyways, seeing this magical cooking tool conjured up images of melty, crusty, yummy sandwiches in my head. an effort to appease my inner chef, I bought some stuff to jam between bread and press with the grill. I bought some focaccia (the kind with the cheese cooked on top), brushed it with olive oil (only the sides that would be on the grill), smeared some pesto paste on the inside of the bread and then carefully stacked slices of fontina cheese, grilled chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, carmelized onions, fresh spinach - and just a bit more cheese - between the slices of bread. About fifteen minutes later - melty, crunchy, tasty goodness! I was ever so impressed with my mad panini grilling skills. All sorts of yummy ideas have been generating in my noggin ever since. (gorgonzola cheese with sliced steak, a shallot dressing and pears? maybe some arugula? OH OH or some portabello mushrooms, balsamic vinaigrette, mozarella cheese - maybe some spinach, onions, hmm..oh ideas. ideas. ideas.)

I also got to pick out some fresh flowers and make a little arrangement. Damn. I should have taken pictures of the food and the flowers. I was just an artist all over the place last night :)

Wow...I have work I can do now. WOOT! Ok...I might update this later OR I might just blog Monday when I am bored again. :)

Night fever night fever....

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