Thursday, July 5, 2007

brain spurts

....I am incredibly bored. I thought since I was bored, some of you might find entertainment in my musings.

Show of hands, please - how many people think JK Rowling will off poor little Harry Potter in the 7th and final book in the series? There is much debate about whether Rowling will take a more historial literary path (unabashedly killing our angst-filled protagonist) or, as most ardent fans would hope, will let him live to fight another day - in line with more current children's grand adventure stories (grow, learn, possibly face a life or death situation, but overcome - with at least some loss, like that of Ron or Hermione - and become an even greater character). Anyone? Anyone? My guess...Harry defeats Voldemort soundly and with finality, while at the same time hooking up with Ginny - even though in book SIX they sorta hooked up, but then didn't because of the whole gotta save the world BS - then Snape kills Harry and himself in an apparent murder suicide. Hermione rushes to Ron's side for comfort in this time of loss, has premarital sex and is unceremoniously knocked up. Ron flees the burdens of fatherhood, knowing full well he doesn't deserve Hermione and couldn't support her and her, no doubt, genius child. Hermione becomes Headmistress at Hogwart's and secretly wishes to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (although, shys from the task because of the short tenure those professors have). Mini-Hermione goes on to be the first witch ever to come out of the womb saying "Wingardium Leviosa" properly and thereby levitating her mother off the exam table.
Ginny joins the Ministry of Magic and starts a "Harry Potter Society" for students with facial disfigurements as a representation of her ardent love and devotion for "the boy who lived" - well until someone killed him.
:) I got a little carried away. (I bet Ron would work 3 jobs to support Hermione...he's a good egg)

Rain - I am so done with Dallas Becomes Seattle. WTF? Where is my summer? Where are the sweat drenched, mindless heat swabbed days blotted together with blurry sunshine and margaritas? Apparently they are elsewhere and I will have to figure out another way to make myself sweat unnatural amounts of fluid from my pores. (eww) Good times!

Live Free or Die Hard - the fourth installment in the Die Hard series brings a warm fuzzy feeling back to action movies. Why? Because Bruce Willis kicks ass! That's why. The last movie was dry and really quite arguably, the worst in the series. You must have good dialogue. You must have a sinister, yet sly and witty bad guy. You must have Bruce Willis say "Yippe Ky Yay M*ther F*cker". And it helps to have some really wicked special effects. Suspension of disbelief is key in this film, though. Don't expect to see something realistic. Just go and enjoy the ride. uh uh get it get it.

I wanna see Ratatouille. (that's all)

I forgot how fast you can get through a DOS based system. It's cool. You get the hang of the tabbing, Fkeys, etc...and you can FLY through a process. It ain't a pretty interface, but I dig it yo.

I wanna go rollerskating.

I wanna make a panini sandwich.

I would really like to have that Quatros Leches cake from La Duni. :)

Ok...I think that's enough for now. Sorry if I wasted your time...but I feel better, and that is what counts. HA!

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